Baptism Enquiries

Firstly, yes we do adult baptisms. 

We also baptize children. Children are truly gifts from God, and we welcome families who want to express thanks to God for the gift of a new family member. 

However Baptism is also much more than a gesture of gratitude. Jesus Christ calls us to follow him. Those who heed that call adopt his values, accept his teachings, and worship him alongside his other followers. There was a time when baptism was little more than a customary rite of passage in our culture. That time is past, and baptism now has returned to its true significance; the ceremony that marks the beginning of a life devoted to following Christ, the event at which the family of the church welcomes a new member. 

For these reasons the policy of the Anglican Church is that Baptisms should take place in the regular worship services of the Church (St Mark's Swanson, Sun 9:30 am; St Michael's Henderson Sun 8 am & 10 am).

  • We recognize, however, that many parents with little connection to the Church nevertheless feel that they would like to give thanks to God for their little bundle of joy. A thanksgiving ceremony, which does not entail major vows, & is not a baptism, is also available.

Please contact  or phone 09 838 8380 Monday- Friday 9 am-12 noon to discuss your or your child's Baptism. We'd love to hear from you.