Our Worship Services

We believe that the content of Christian worship is unchangeable - a wholehearted focus on Jesus Christ. But that the style of Christian worship can and should change to make it relevant to each age and culture. So we offer a range of styles: 

St Michael's 425 Great North Road Henderson.

Sunday 8am: A traditional Anglican communion service - quiet, hymns, one hour long, with morning tea to follow. Uses the New Zealand Prayer Book.

Sunday 10am: A communion service with a modern musical style, around 1½hrs long,  with activities (Baby Bible and J Team) for children and young people downstairs, and a creche for pre-schoolers upstairs at the rear of the church. There is morning tea after the Service and on-site cafe which serves various types of coffee.

Wednesday 10.15am: A quiet communion service, using the Book of Common Prayer. The Service is approximately 45 minutes long with no music. There is morning tea and fellowship afterwards.

St Mark's 705 Swanson Rd Swanson.

Sunday 9:30am: A relaxed communion service in a small semi-rural setting, in a  small church that seats around 40 people. The church is 90 years old and retains its original character and heritage.The Service is 1 hour long with the music being a mix of old and new.